We are a global influencer talent and digital marketing agency working to flourish your brand in the most cost-effective way possible.

With a powerhouse team trained in different skillsets and a performance-based background, our goal is to help your brand reach its fullest potential through proven and tested marketing methods under the umbrella of our ethos: strategize, optimize, and maximize.

Thanks to our results oriented philosophy & the incredible skillsets of our team ​- across varying fields including psychology, marketing, branding, PR, paid advertising, data science and copywriting -​ we’re able to help you:

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Over a Decade of Experience.
Team of Skilled Pros.
Team of Skilled Pros.
We Love Challenges.
Hand Held Approach.
Hand Held Approach.
The Team

Our team of unique experts- making
your experience a happy one.

Tracy: Team Captain
COO and co-founder of Media Burn, Tracy seals the deal and walks you through your bespoke plan with us, ensuring your happiness every step of the way.
Sam: Jiminy Cricket
Sam offers a handheld approach and support throughout your Media Burn journey. Always guaranteeing satisfaction, you’ll never be left in the dark with Sam!
Shayne: Ad Ninja
You don’t need to do the talking, because with Shayne on board, the money talks louder! With endless tricks up his sleeve, your ROI will skyrocket!
Smee: Copy Cat
At a loss for words? No problem! This content fairy’s way with the keyboard is seamless, clever and truly original - a great life hack for providing engaging copy!
MJ: Miss Congeniality
Bright, bubbly and filled with great ideas, MJ onboards influencers and acts as matchmaker, using her savvy connections to keep us collaborating with amazing talents!
The Amazing Amazonian
Let’s get you on Amazon! Spencer’s talents will oversee your Amazon affairs from A-Z, leaving no detail lost in between.
Serge: Sergeant SEO
With Serge, you WILL be seen and found! Let him handle your search engine optimization to make your brand more noticeable than ever.
Jennifer: Miss Manager
As our Influencer manager, Jennifer keeps all details between talents, brands and campaigns in check and upkeeps all the influencer’s needs when it comes to collaborations.
Our Services

Media Burn improves your brand image, drives engagement and creates awareness.

Awareness Campaigns
Lead Generation
Customer Acquisition
Social Media Management
Paid Advertising
Conversion Rate Optimization
Sales Funnels
Influencer Match-Making
Copywriting & Content
Marketing Automation
E-Commerce & Email Marketing
How We Affect This Profitable Change

Our process for transforming your business into the next titan of your industry is encapsulated in our four-step methodology.

A deep dive into your business/product/service, your growth targets, current growth metrics (both offline and online) and the timeframe within which you’d like to see improvements.
After your initial review with one of our consultants, we unveil your best options for growth and proceed to launch.
With your best options in hand, we launch your campaigns for a maximum return on investment - producing fresh leads, sales and measurable analytics in real-time on each marketing dollar you spend.
& Automation
We then scale these profitable campaigns to ​highest sales volume; ​while automating your other key growth processes - like email automations, upsell journeys & new product development - so you can extract even more revenue per client.

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